Revealing Reality - Visual Design and Research Internship

I carried out work experience with the research agency ‘Revealing Reality’ over the summer of 2016. I was put in an experimental role working as a designer in the qualitative research team. I was involved in designing research techniques for tracking the behaviour of people with luggage on trains for the new HS2 (high speed train) luggage policy. This along with data my visualisation ideas led to a successful proposal.My main role was creating mock data visualisation for job proposals. Showing how the data that would be collected could be represented in the final research results.

HOw do people use weather?

Data layout for a new weather service provider.

HS2 Luggage Policy

Data vis for HS2 luggage policy research proposal.

Highlighting Problems With Advanced Care Planning

Using data visualisation to highlight the problems with patients not making end of life plans soon enough. The responsibility for making these decisions is pushed on to palliative care proffessionals.