Above is me Interviewing a woman about Shakespeare to make her an 'Actor' in our secret play! Drawing on the portrayal of authority in King Lear, Lear-ing orchestrates and exerts a power over a live stage while concurrently questioning todays political system. The live performance inconspicuously manipulates the stage of general public to become an active role in this interpretation of King Lear. Although intervening with the general public, the performance is aimed to be a somewhat private spectacle for a selected audience. By becoming architectures of space through adopting a variety of roles, the performers manage to choreograph a play unbeknown to the population of the dynamic living stage. I was a 'News Reporter' reporting on the recent anniversarry of shakespears death. We also had all my team helping me along with a Bin Woman, Balloon Seller and Skate boarder acting as secret directors secretly directing the public.
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