The bogey box is a tool that allows you to utilise the natural vaccination power of bogeys.There is no logical reason why we shouldn't eat our bogeys, it is more natural for us to eat than to not eat. This is why children have to be disciplined from a young age to kick the habit. Canadian scientist Scott Napper believes ingesting the bacteria and other pathogens found in bogeys can build up our immune system and act as a natural vaccination.      I decided to play on this idea by imagining a future where normal vaccinations are no longer needed, pretending research has been done prove that with the correct bogeys and amounts any vaccine can be replaced!      The bogey box is personal and natural vaccination kit. It allows people to be in control of there own vaccinations from there own source, themselves! People collect their bogeys, arrange them into the appropriate type, then eat them when they feel at risk of a certain infection. This may be if there friend has it, it is going round the local area or they are going travelling and want a general boost to the immune system! This box is designed for daily use e.g. before brushing your teeth.      This is a conceptual design aiming to question the position of eating bogeys in our society. i hope this product will get people to question the unnecessary stigma surrounding it.
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