mood music.

Mood Music was the final outcome of half of my final year project studying design at Goldsmiths, I worked on this project in tandem with 'Busking For Anxieties'. Throughout the year I was constantly monitoring moods; My own and participants recruited via Busking For Anxieties. 

This evolved into recording participants moods every hour and using the data to create songs that represent the ups and downs of that day. Mood Music is intended to create tangible references of emotion, giving participants an Alternative Expressive Outlet and changing the way emotions can be represented and talked about. This is fundamentally a new language for expressing emotion. Our moods are snapshots of how we experience the world. Mood music expresses these through music instead of words allowing alternative interpretations and interactions with emotion. 


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MOod music code

This is the code that I used to convert peoples recorded moods into music. People recorded how they felt for each emotion out of 10 (10 being the strongest you feel that emotion). each number corresponds to a musical variable which I then played or transposed into musical notation using sibaleus.


Transposed mood music

Shown is someones mood data that has been converted into a musical score


Mood music perfomed to participant. 

This video shows me performing some mood music. people were also asked to right down what they were doing and how they feel. The lyrics are what people were feeling. 


Mood music soundcloud

I created full songs and sent them to participants, some participants were okay with having the songs put up online. in this case they were uploaded to a dedicated sound cloud to share with friends and family if they wanted.


Aiste single art

Some participants I worked with to create album artwork and I produced a fully printed CD digipack with Aiste. This included infomation about her and her background, the process we went through to create the mood music and of course the mood music itself on a CD.


presented at the truman brewery

Here is mood music along with busking for anxieties presented at our final degree show at the Truman brewery June 2017.