Busking For Anxieties v2

Busking for anxieties is an attempt to get the issues of anxiety to be discussed in a space where they wouldn't usually be. Such as on the south bank. People were asked for fill out cards with the question 'What makes you feel anxious' and 'What makes you feel better', these cards were then stuck on the 'Anxiety Wall' that is cardboard along the sea wall. This was filled with anxieties and it became a space for the light hearted discussion and digestion of peoples anxieties. 

There was a great response from many people. Some people took it as an opportunity to instantly open up and start talking to my helpers Jean Luc and Will about their anxiety issues. It also became a fun place for people to listen to music and look at others anxieties and what makes them feel better and compare with their own experiences hopefully encouraging feelings of empathy and solidarity within their world of anxiety. 

If you would like to potentially be involved with the future of this project please email me at: james-barclay@hotmail.co.uk

Dear Data - inspiration for musical notation

I was planning to create some musical notation for musicians to improvise. The idea being they record their own anxieties/feelings about music and their musical identity, record it using a formulated notation system. 

Every week for a year, designers Giorgia Lupi and Stephanie Posavec sent each other postcards charting something in their lives, for laughter to travel to phone addiction. They use beautiful illustrated infographics that could all become musical notation i would love to try and achive something along these lines and i think i should do it with myself to start!



Field Research Workshop : Old Naval College Greenwich.

Last week I worked in a group of 3 attempting to undertake research in the old naval college Greenwhich. We started by going and carrying out seperate research. Mine was aimed at finding out how people record their time at the place. Mainly looking at tourists recording their time there and how their representation of their day and them selves may differ from the reality of their experiences. 

Tuur fed back saying that the research methods we were using were not interesting and insightful he wanted us to immerse ourselves in more interesting and original ways. So we decided to try and engage with the public by getting them to become actors in a false fictional narrative we had created around the space. We then wanted this to be shared on social media and for the people involved to be tagged specifically on instagram. 

The scenes we created where in a classic story line you can acess them on the instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/whichgreenscreenfilms/

Scene 1 : Danger Arriving

Scene 2 : Baddie Chase

Scene 3 : Goodies Shoot Back

We asked the actors we used for their instagrams and if they gave it we tagged them. The interesting aspect for me was how people would become exited by the fact it would be on Instagram and some were all exited to provide their details. 

Another area of interest was the way that this process could have provided an escape for the precarity of life in society. The scenes are a set area for people to let go and forget about their real life and be someone new. Also they may have thought about the space in a different way...

The green screen objects and suit become ambiguous tools for engagement with the public. I feel their are ways i can use the green screen suit in more direct ways in my project. It can jyst become a tool of engagement. It would also be cool to do some live green screening of peoples anxieties onto the screen then interact with me... might take a bit of technology i cant do though but i wont let that put me off.  


Room For Alternative


A space for people to attempt to design for the complex individuals we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers that we are supposed to be! A two-day drop-in 'thinking through making' workshop and exhibition that actively explores ways of assisting with personal neuroatypical day to day experiences, rather than simply setting out to solve or cure typecasts of mental health issues. 



Body As A Band

This is great, a really visual and sonic way of showing how bad health choices can affect the workings of your body. I like the idea of trying something along these lines using  mental health instead of physical health. 


Cultural Probe V2

I revised the cultural probe to make it more detailed and hopefully more engaging for the user. I created a box for the probe to live in. I provided coloured circles to photograph the man on to make you think about the colour of your feelings. 

Cultural Probe - Anna

I gave my old house mate Anna a small figure to photograph and collect data about places that make here feel good and bad. 

Place research instructions

You can interpret these instructions in your own way, nothing is incorrect!

The figure i have given you is supposed to represent YOU

1.Take your figure with you wherever you go. Take a picture of it in places you feel Bad (Anxious/unhappy/depressed) and places you feel and good (Happy/safe/loved).

2. on your phone record the sound of these places. 

3. Write down a short description of what you are thinking of when you are in this place? 

4. If you can, describe the colour and shape of the feeling you have in each place.

Fill in these details in the sheets provided, don't worry you don't have to fill it up, just as much as you want!

and hold on to the photos and sound recordings until I retrieve them from you.

Place 1: GOOD Living room staring out the window at the lights (in the dark) 

feeling content and happy and lucky to live in london, safe high up looking over. Listening to music in the dark.

Shape and Colour: Warm, Dark, Safe, Orange, Yellow, Round, Whole.

Place 3 : Good - on stage sound checkI feel my most comfortable here. Confident. 


Place 4 - The Thames Good, Reminds me of home being by the sea, relaxed Calm.

Shape colour: Bright / Glowing

Place 6: GOOD Any pub with friends

Loved happy warm. 

Night bus- BAD

Trapped, Confined, Anxious, Sick

Shape Colour  - Dizzy, Hazy, Hot White. 





Lad bible - You Alright Mate


initiative from lad bible to raise awareness and tackle mental health. 

An initiative encouraging people to challenge harmful language and ask for support! It uses a circle drawn on peoples hands to represnt being WHOLE, The tage line is Together We Are Whole. 

From Wildhood album 'VERT', 'Whole' is a song about tackling mental health issues and features the #IAMWHOLE anti-stigma campaign launched by Jordan for the NHS and YMCA. To see the #IAMWHOLE video, featuring Jordan, James Corden, Dermot O'Leary, Ed Sheeran and other names from music and TV, click here https://youtu.be/FZ4TlCx3eHA. Join in and support the #IAMWHOLE anti-stigma message online by posting a ‘circle on hand’ selfie on social media. For more information on #IAMWHOLE visit http://bit.ly/NHS_IAMWHOLE and find out more about YMCA’s involvement at http://www.ymca.org.uk/i-am-whole. If you are aged 13-25 and need mental health support or advice, visithttp://www.findgetgive.com/ to find services, helplines and websites that can help. Thank you to Jordan and http://spirit-media.com/ for all the time and creativity you have put into developing and delivering the #IAMWHOLE campaign for the NHS.

Cultural Probe

I would like to create a cultural probe to explore the positive aspects of mental health and different ways of visualising mental health. This could be on a personal level, (how does your illness look, colour, shape etc) or on a larger scale (how does mental health look to you in this situation, e.g. An accountancy firm).

Cultural probes (or design probes) is a technique used to inspire ideas in a design process. It serves as a means of gathering inspirational data about people's lives, values and thoughts. The probes are small packages that can include any sort of artifact (like a map, postcard, camera or diary) along with evocative tasks, which are given to participants to allow them to record specific events, feelings or interactions. The aim is to elicit inspirational responses from people, in order to understand their culture, thoughts and values better, and thus stimulate designer's imaginations


Below are some ideas for making a cultural probe.

I Love Being Mad : Documentary

A documentary looking at people with mental illness and how they like it and are angry at the system. Very old though so the change they are campaigning for may have alredy happened....

Man says 'Schizophrenia is not something I have, its something I am!'

Follows the story of a selection of different people with severe mental health issues. 

'We cannot fit into to your society, in a way we cant get our heads round it'