Physical Anxiety Box - LadyBeard Mind Launch

The LadyBeard team created a walk in box designed for people to stick up their anxieties inside. It is a very simple idea but having people inside it sparked light hearted conversations about anxiety that wouldn't be had in other contexts. 

I would like to create an anxiety box of a similar description but with two stages. Firstly the collection of anxieties in the normal manner, then a stage after that for people to attempt to imagine solutions for the anxieties or ways for people to feel better. Fantasy ideas anything goes!

I would need to make a movable box to put in a good location. library foyer probably. 

Lad bible - You Alright Mate

initiative from lad bible to raise awareness and tackle mental health. 

An initiative encouraging people to challenge harmful language and ask for support! It uses a circle drawn on peoples hands to represnt being WHOLE, The tage line is Together We Are Whole. 

From Wildhood album 'VERT', 'Whole' is a song about tackling mental health issues and features the #IAMWHOLE anti-stigma campaign launched by Jordan for the NHS and YMCA. To see the #IAMWHOLE video, featuring Jordan, James Corden, Dermot O'Leary, Ed Sheeran and other names from music and TV, click here Join in and support the #IAMWHOLE anti-stigma message online by posting a ‘circle on hand’ selfie on social media. For more information on #IAMWHOLE visit and find out more about YMCA’s involvement at If you are aged 13-25 and need mental health support or advice, visit to find services, helplines and websites that can help. Thank you to Jordan and for all the time and creativity you have put into developing and delivering the #IAMWHOLE campaign for the NHS.

I Love Being Mad : Documentary

A documentary looking at people with mental illness and how they like it and are angry at the system. Very old though so the change they are campaigning for may have alredy happened....

Man says 'Schizophrenia is not something I have, its something I am!'

Follows the story of a selection of different people with severe mental health issues. 

'We cannot fit into to your society, in a way we cant get our heads round it' 

Mental Health questionnaire

 I created a short questionnaire asking about positive aspects of mental health and attitudes towards it in different work areas. 

I wrote out the answers of the questionnaire and highlighted potentially interesting areas to move forward in BLUE. 

Areas of interest that have come out of this are: 

1. Looking at where in the media mental health is talked about when and why. 

2. Positive outcomes of mental health, recovered addict finds easy to think of short cuts and innovative methods etc: What are other positive outcomes of having mental health issues? 

3. Empathy, what can i create to make people feel empathised in the same way as music may do. Inspired by horoscopes.