Busking For Anxieties (v4) - Then Singing Them

Th previous iterations of 'Busking For Anxiety' have been interesting but i had not felt a direct enough connection with the people engaging. I wanted them to recieve a direct reaction in music from what they write, brining their anxiety to life through song (for better or worse). For this reason i decided to sing the anxieties collected. I origionally planned to have a song structure that people could 'fil in the blanks' to give them their anxiety song. However this proved too difficult as anxiety is such a unique thing to everyone it didn't working trying to fit them into a standardised structure. So I went with the two questions from 'Busking For Anxieties v2'. 'What makes you anxious'  and 'What makes you feel better?', simple quick and not too in depth. 

I created about 15 songs within 2 hours (lots quite similar sounding but i'm not a wizard). I plan to send the songs to the people as they provided their email addresses on the back. I would also like to record some of the best ones and release a small LP style thing. 

Check out the video below to see what went down.

Busking For Anxieties v2

Busking for anxieties is an attempt to get the issues of anxiety to be discussed in a space where they wouldn't usually be. Such as on the south bank. People were asked for fill out cards with the question 'What makes you feel anxious' and 'What makes you feel better', these cards were then stuck on the 'Anxiety Wall' that is cardboard along the sea wall. This was filled with anxieties and it became a space for the light hearted discussion and digestion of peoples anxieties. 

There was a great response from many people. Some people took it as an opportunity to instantly open up and start talking to my helpers Jean Luc and Will about their anxiety issues. It also became a fun place for people to listen to music and look at others anxieties and what makes them feel better and compare with their own experiences hopefully encouraging feelings of empathy and solidarity within their world of anxiety. 

If you would like to potentially be involved with the future of this project please email me at: james-barclay@hotmail.co.uk

Physical Anxiety Box - LadyBeard Mind Launch

The LadyBeard team created a walk in box designed for people to stick up their anxieties inside. It is a very simple idea but having people inside it sparked light hearted conversations about anxiety that wouldn't be had in other contexts. 

I would like to create an anxiety box of a similar description but with two stages. Firstly the collection of anxieties in the normal manner, then a stage after that for people to attempt to imagine solutions for the anxieties or ways for people to feel better. Fantasy ideas anything goes!

I would need to make a movable box to put in a good location. library foyer probably. 

Love Your Anxiety

A talk by Adrea Fella Talked about being compassionate with your worries and looking at it with an enzyme of kind attention. It really helped my feel better about my anxiety which in turn made my anxiety subside.

I illustrated a picture of this happening. 

Be compassionate towards your anxiety and your anxiety will subside.