Busking For Anxieties (v4) - Then Singing Them

Th previous iterations of 'Busking For Anxiety' have been interesting but i had not felt a direct enough connection with the people engaging. I wanted them to recieve a direct reaction in music from what they write, brining their anxiety to life through song (for better or worse). For this reason i decided to sing the anxieties collected. I origionally planned to have a song structure that people could 'fil in the blanks' to give them their anxiety song. However this proved too difficult as anxiety is such a unique thing to everyone it didn't working trying to fit them into a standardised structure. So I went with the two questions from 'Busking For Anxieties v2'. 'What makes you anxious'  and 'What makes you feel better?', simple quick and not too in depth. 

I created about 15 songs within 2 hours (lots quite similar sounding but i'm not a wizard). I plan to send the songs to the people as they provided their email addresses on the back. I would also like to record some of the best ones and release a small LP style thing. 

Check out the video below to see what went down.