Field Research Workshop : Old Naval College Greenwich.

Last week I worked in a group of 3 attempting to undertake research in the old naval college Greenwhich. We started by going and carrying out seperate research. Mine was aimed at finding out how people record their time at the place. Mainly looking at tourists recording their time there and how their representation of their day and them selves may differ from the reality of their experiences. 

Tuur fed back saying that the research methods we were using were not interesting and insightful he wanted us to immerse ourselves in more interesting and original ways. So we decided to try and engage with the public by getting them to become actors in a false fictional narrative we had created around the space. We then wanted this to be shared on social media and for the people involved to be tagged specifically on instagram. 

The scenes we created where in a classic story line you can acess them on the instagram here:

Scene 1 : Danger Arriving

Scene 2 : Baddie Chase

Scene 3 : Goodies Shoot Back

We asked the actors we used for their instagrams and if they gave it we tagged them. The interesting aspect for me was how people would become exited by the fact it would be on Instagram and some were all exited to provide their details. 

Another area of interest was the way that this process could have provided an escape for the precarity of life in society. The scenes are a set area for people to let go and forget about their real life and be someone new. Also they may have thought about the space in a different way...

The green screen objects and suit become ambiguous tools for engagement with the public. I feel their are ways i can use the green screen suit in more direct ways in my project. It can jyst become a tool of engagement. It would also be cool to do some live green screening of peoples anxieties onto the screen then interact with me... might take a bit of technology i cant do though but i wont let that put me off.