iCloud  - I will probably do a separate post on this as i have so many qualms with it and generally cloud storage. IT BRINGS ME RAGE

Obnoxiousness, Selfishness, Bad Listening, Judgement and Greediness - All these traits i don't like in other people, however i also have all of these traits. You hate the traits you have, and when you see them in other people a lot of the time your feelings of annoyance and/or hate come from self loathing.

FaceBook - Addictive as heroine, the most affective form of procrastination but also a necessity for messaging and page management, especially for a musician! 

The Education System - Its completely out of date and does not give creative people a chance to flourish. It also does not prepare children for the reality of the outside world. The skills taught are not applicable in the outside world a lot of the time! Who one does Exams in their job!?!

There will be more.....