Cultural Probe - Anna

I gave my old house mate Anna a small figure to photograph and collect data about places that make here feel good and bad. 

Place research instructions

You can interpret these instructions in your own way, nothing is incorrect!

The figure i have given you is supposed to represent YOU

1.Take your figure with you wherever you go. Take a picture of it in places you feel Bad (Anxious/unhappy/depressed) and places you feel and good (Happy/safe/loved).

2. on your phone record the sound of these places. 

3. Write down a short description of what you are thinking of when you are in this place? 

4. If you can, describe the colour and shape of the feeling you have in each place.

Fill in these details in the sheets provided, don't worry you don't have to fill it up, just as much as you want!

and hold on to the photos and sound recordings until I retrieve them from you.

Place 1: GOOD Living room staring out the window at the lights (in the dark) 

feeling content and happy and lucky to live in london, safe high up looking over. Listening to music in the dark.

Shape and Colour: Warm, Dark, Safe, Orange, Yellow, Round, Whole.

Place 3 : Good - on stage sound checkI feel my most comfortable here. Confident. 


Place 4 - The Thames Good, Reminds me of home being by the sea, relaxed Calm.

Shape colour: Bright / Glowing

Place 6: GOOD Any pub with friends

Loved happy warm. 

Night bus- BAD

Trapped, Confined, Anxious, Sick

Shape Colour  - Dizzy, Hazy, Hot White.